Gallery @ The Flatz

Since 2015, The Gallery @ The Flatz has been known as the premiere venue for visual artists in Downtown Peekskill. Originally built as The Continental Hotel in 1865, The Flatz boasts original brickwork, high ceilings, and a sophisticated air that attracts all sorts of art aficionados.


Open Studios

June 2016

Downtown Peekskill is filled with artists’ studios, boutiques, and art venues opening their doors to the public. Over 100 artists participating; opening their studios, in group shows and exhibiting in galleries.

Breaking Surface

July & August 2016

Five emerging and established artists exploring two sides of a single threshold: the border of water. Water’s skin, like ours, is deceptively permeable, reflects light, is flexing thin sheaths shielding depths from view. What lies on the other side, past the surface?

Mary McFerran

September 2016

I rediscovered sewing as a way to adhere foreign objects onto my collages and embroidery captured my interest, first as a new way to create line drawings and leading me into printing, dyeing and machine stitching.

From Ashes Transformed

October 2016

This exhibition is dedicated to those grappling with the myriad effects of substance abuse disorder, to give strength to those who have lost and praise for the survivors who transform themselves from the ashes of the flames of addiction.

The Flatz

1008 Main Street | Peekskill, NY 10566

The Flatz